Paediatric Rapid Assessment Clinic (PRAC)

The Paediatric Rapid Assessment Clinic provides timely access to care for infants and children from newborn to age 17 years. 

The clinic believes in a family centred approach to care.  Assessment, investigation and treatment are all done in a child-friendly environment that specializes in caring for infants and children.


If your doctor, nurse or midwife feels your infant or child should be assessed by a paediatrician, a referral can be made to the clinic.

Once a referral is faxed to the clinic you will be called within 24 hours and be given an appointment date and time.  The appointment will be within 1-3 days.

Referral Form

PRAC for Health Care Providers


Monday to Friday, 1– 4 p.m.


Telephone: 905 336-4109


The Paediatric Rapid Assessment Clinic is part of the Maternal Child Clinics. It is located on the second floor of the North Tower, in 2N 500.


  • Take the North Tower elevator to the second floor.
  • Exit the elevator and turn left.
  • Follow signs to the Maternal and Child Clinics. 
  • Wait in the waiting room located to the left of the clinic doors. 

What to bring to your appointment:

  • Infant/Child’s health card
  • All medications
  • Any items you may need to care for your child (like, diapers, drink or snack)


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