Volunteers are Back!

We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, skills and unique talents and have begun recruiting new volunteers to join our volunteer team.  We recognize that the more inclusive we are, the better our work-and our service to others-will be.


Volunteers at Joseph Brant Hospital 

Volunteers are an integral part of Joseph Brant Hospital’s commitment to provide exemplary health care. Through partnerships with staff, volunteers help create a positive experience for patients at the Hospital. 

Currently, volunteers are involved in most areas of the hospital in roles either patient facing, or in non-patient facing areas.

Prior to COVID-19, more than 500 dedicated volunteers contributed close to 80,000 hours a year in over 40 areas of service!

To find out about the various Volunteer Program Areas and the different types of work the volunteers do please click on the link above. Please note that not all roles are available but if there is something you are interested in, let us know.  

Meet some of our volunteers by clicking on our Volunteer Spotlight

What You Need to Know

Volunteering at Joseph Brant Hospital is an important commitment.  You are playing an important role in the lives of patients and employees.  Before you make your decision about volunteering at Joseph Brant Hospital, please know:     

  • You will be asked to volunteer at least one 2-4 hour shift per week
  • You will be required to follow all Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) protocols while on site (mask, shield, social distancing, hand hygiene)
  • You will be required to show proof of vaccinations (MMR, TB, Varicella, COVID-19).  There are no exceptions to this requirement
  • You will be asked to wear either the JBH Volunteer T-shirt (for youth, purchased for $12) or the JBH Volunteer vest (for University/Adult volunteers, $30) along with plain black or white tops/bottoms
  • If you require a written letter to confirm your hours, we will do so after you reach the 100 hour commitment. 

Volunteers do not perform tasks/functions that can only legally be performed by a healthcare professional.  i.e. Physician, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Laboratory technician, etc. Such tasks are not included in any volunteer role descriptions. Volunteering will not allow you the opportunity to practice or develop your clinical or technical skills.

About the COVID-19 vaccine

Volunteers are included in Directive #6 and are recognized as health care workers.  As such, all volunteers at Joseph Brant Hospital must show proof of triple vaccination (plus 14 days).  There are no exceptions to this mandate. 

Ready to join the team? 


Learn more about JBH by reading our Annual report

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For more information or if you have questions, please contact:  

T: 905-632-3737 Ext. 1314





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