We have begun a very measured and gradual re-entry of volunteers. However, we have not begun actively recruiting new volunteers. If you choose to apply your application will be kept on hold for review later. 

Please follow social media channels and this website for notifications when we begin hospital wide recruitment.

Until we start hospital wide recruitment, we are recruiting for volunteers for the Patient Family Advisory Council. If you are interested, please review the role description under the Volunteer Opportunities page. 

Thank you for your interest and support. 

Volunteer Services

Volunteers are integral to the hospital's commitment to provide exemplary health care. They provide support that enriches and complements the hospital through partnerships with our staff.

Volunteers care for and comfort patients and their families. They deliver flowers, provide companionship, and assist hospital staff.

Most volunteer services are managed by a Team Leader who is the link to the training and support that each volunteer deserves.

More than 500 dedicated volunteers contribute close to 80,000 hours a year in over 40 areas of service!

Volunteers can be found helping in these four main areas:

  • Patient and Family Care
  • Administrative Support
  • Auxiliary Fundraising
  • Retail

To find out about the various Volunteer Service Areas and the different types of work the volunteers do please click on the link above. Please note that vacancies are limited.

What You Can Expect

Volunteering at Joseph Brant Hospital is a serious commitment. Before you apply, we want to make sure that you understand the volunteer role and the requirements of volunteering.

  • A typical volunteer placement is 2-4 hours per week
  • Minimum commitment is 100 hours before we can sign off on hours or confirmation letters can be requested
  • High School students are required to purchase their uniform T-shirt ($12) before placement begins - Must also wear plain black or white with the T-shirt
  • Adult volunteers are required to purchase their uniform vest ($30) before placement begins - Must also wear plain black or white with the vest
  • Volunteers must have excellent communication skills, including fluency in oral and written English. Knowledge of other languages may be an asset.
  • The volunteer role has certain boundaries and does not include any tasks that can only legally be performed by a healthcare professional (such as a physician, pharmacist, physiotherapist, laboratory technician, etc.) Such tasks are not included in any volunteer role descriptions. Volunteering will not allow you the opportunity to practice or develop your clinical or technical skills.


Read our Bits & Tips for Volunteers (not available)

Contact Us

For more information on any of the volunteer programs please contact us:

Carolann Badger, Coordinator, Volunteer Resources

T.905.632.3737 ext 1443


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