All research conducted at Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH) must be approved by the hospital's Research Ethics Committee (REC). 

In some situations, Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) approval may also be required.

Please note that JBH can only provide secondary site research approval. To receive approval by JBH, all research must be approved by an external site Research Ethics Board (REB) first. Documentation of that external approval is required as part of all JBH REC applications.

Initial Application Process

Note: initial applications must be submitted at a minimum of 90 days prior to the start of the study. Please contact JBH Medical Affairs to obtain the current application. 

  • Complete and submit the JBH "Application for Research Approval".
  • Applications must also include:
    • approval from all external site REBs
    • a copy of the study protocol
    • a copy of the investigator's brochure
    • budget
    • patient or research subject information and consent forms

Renewal Application Process

Note: renewal applications must be submitted at a minimum of 60 days prior to study's annual expiration date at JBH. Please contact JBH Medical Affairs to obtain the current renewal form. 

  • Complete and submit the JBH "Annual Renewal Form for Ongoing Research Studies ".

Research Study Changes

  • For any changes to the research study including (but not limited to) those listed below, please contact JBH Medical Affairs to obtain the appropriate required form.
    • Study Amendment
    • Study Closure
    • Change of Principal Investigator
    • Serious Adverse Event

Additional Information

For further information please contact JBH Medical Affairs.

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