Complete Breast Care Program

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The Complete Breast Care Program is a specialized, patient-centred approach to breast care in Burlington. When it comes to your breast health, we've got your front.

About The Complete Breast Care Program

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 When it comes to breast health, you could use a little extra support.

The Complete Breast Care Program at Joseph Brant Hospital is more than a mammogram. We’re dedicated to providing rapid, specialized breast care throughout your breast health journey. Our team of experienced specialists, combined with cutting-edge technology and guidance from your Patient Navigator, will ensure you receive all the care you may need on the road to complete breast health. 

I need a mammogram
I’m a Healthcare Professional
 * Under the Ontario Breast Screening Program, there is no fee or referral required for mammogram testing for women aged 50-74.

Meet Your Patient Navigator

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 Offering guidance and support every step of the way

Your Patient Navigator is your dedicated point of contact, assisting you immediately following abnormal findings on your mammogram. They are clinicians and equipped with all the knowledge and expertise necessary to support you. They will help you schedule breast screening appointments, obtain mammogram test results and are always available to answer questions or simply chat about your needs and concerns. 


Patient Navigator, Complete Care Programs

Phone: 905-632-3737 ext 1339                                                                      

Please note: for mammogram appointments, call the Women's Imaging Centre, 905-681-4915

For more info on breast screenings click here.

State-of-the-Art Technology

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 For rapid results right from the start

We use the very latest technology to provide fast and accurate detection throughout the screening process. You can rest assured knowing our team is leveraging the highest level of mammography technology available.

Depending on your diagnostic needs, we can utilize:

  • 3D digital mammography
  • Contrast–enhanced mammography
  • Ultrasound technology

Mammograms are performed in our Sensory Suite featuring unique technology designed to reduce discomfort and anxiety.

What to bring to your first visit

For your first visit, please bring with you:

  • Your Ontario Health Card
  • List of prescribed and non-prescribed medications
  • Films and/or copies of your previous breast imaging, if your screening was done somewhere other than Joseph Brant Hospital

Our Location 

Complete Breast Care clinic is located within Ambulatory Care, on level 1 of the north tower, 1N 600.

Parking and Directions

Healthcare Professionals

If you are a Healthcare Professional, call 905-632-3737 ext. 1339 for referral details.

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