The Acute Medicine Units are located in the South Tower room 6S100, 6S200 & 7S100, 7S200. See our maps to Find Your Way.

The Acute Medicine Team's goal is to provide exceptional care to each patient and their support persons, by providing excellent, compassionate care in a respectful environment every day.  Our interdisciplinary, health care team uses collaborative evidence-based care to help you through your acute illness. We will do everything possible to meet your needs and help your transition back into the community. We will keep you informed and involved in your plan of care.

This program's major focus is on acute care treatment such as cardiac and stroke care. This includes patient/support person education and planning for transitions to other programs or the community, in partnership with  the LHIN Home & Community Care (former CCAC)

We understand that being in hospital can be stressful time for you and your family.  This information page will introduce you to members of your health care team. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions, we are here to assist you.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are an interdisciplinary, health care team that manages your care during an acute stay. The Acute Medicine Team consists of:

  • Most Responsible Physician directs your medical care utilizing different specialized health team care members and is your primary doctor while you are in the hospital.
  • Physiotherapists complete a detailed review of your mobility and your physical well-being. Based on this review, your individual treatment plan is established. The goals focus on increasing physical function and mobility.
  • The Pharmacist makes sure that medications are safe and effective and provide information about medication when needed.
  • The Environmental Services Staff cleans and stocks the unit with supplies.
  • Unit Clerk answers the telephone and provides clerical support to the health care team.
  • Respiratory Therapists assess and monitor the breathing needs of the patient.
  • Social Workers provide you and your family with information about hospital and community resources and services. This may include information in the areas of advance directives, caregiver support, Power of Attorney and financial/legal needs. The social worker will also assist you with planning for discharge when your care needs can be met in a more appropriate community setting.  They will also provide emotional support if required.
  • Patient Navigators work collaboratively with patients, families and inter-professional teams to ensure efficient and coordinated care for the best patient experience and outcome.
  • Dietitians will assess your unique nutritional needs and work with you to create an appropriate nutrition care plan and will also monitor your nutrition status.  They will provide you and your family with any diet-related teaching you may require.
  • Occupational Therapists focus on improving quality of life and independence in daily activities. Each patient is assessed in the areas of self-care, transfers, mental processing and the need for assistive devices.
  • Speech Language Pathologists (S-LP) assess your swallowing and/or communication if concerns are identified by the team and make diet recommendations (fluids, food textures) to optimize safe feeding/swallowing strategies. Patient’s status will be monitored at regular intervals.
  • Volunteers play an important role in our program. They help our therapists transfer patients to and from therapy sessions and may assist identified patients at meal times. For more information, please contact the nurse or dietitian.
  • The Nurses coordinate your daily care      in collaboration with the rest of the health care team. They are      specialized to take care of acute medical patients and are available to      answer your questions

Communications with the Health Care Team

Your health care team will consists of many of the professionals listed here and is customized to suit your care needs. The team will work with you and your support persons to set goals and make a reasonable treatment plan for your admission. In addition, family conferences may be scheduled if required and/or requested to review your plan of care, including discharge planning. These meetings help to identify and discuss issues related to your progress and discharge plans.

Within 48 hours of admission, your health care team will meet with you to review the acute plan of care, discuss goals, and assist with planning for a discharge back to the community. 

Each day, at the end of the shift (approximately 7:30 am or 7:30 pm) the nurses’ report to each other about your care needs. This is called the transfer of accountability (TOA) and takes approximately 15 minutes. To ensure the safe transfer of care information, we strive to minimize interruptions while continuing to provide safe care.  Nursing staff will check in on their patients just prior to the transfer of accountability and will attend to urgent concerns during this time.

With the opening of the new Michael Lee-Chin & Family Tower, many new technological advances have been made to enhance your care.  Staff now carries a portable, wireless phone which allows them to communicate with the team, monitor cardiac care and respond to call bell requests.

What You Should Know About Your Hospital Stay

Parking passes are available at a reduced rate for family members or friends who come to the hospital to help with the daily care of a patient whose length of stay is greater than one (1) week. For more information, please visit the Parking&Directions page. 

What to Bring to the Hospital


  • Supportive, non-slip shoes
  • Undergarments
  • Socks, (non-skid recommended)
  • Sleepwear
  • Loose fitting clothing - please label all clothing items to prevent      any loss.

Personal Items

  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Hearing aids/ batteries
  • Dentures
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush/comb
  • Razor/shaving cream
  • Cosmetics
  • Eye glasses
  • Leisure supplies

Joseph Brant Hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen items, including money, dentures, hearing-aids, glasses etc .


To provide complete and accurate treatment, it is important to bring a list of medication that you are currently taking including prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs and naturopathic or homeopathic remedies.

If you bring in your own medication, we will encourage you to send it home with a support person. You may ask for safe storage while in the hospital, however our storage space is very limited.

Additional Information

Televisions are currently available for use in patient rooms.

Internet Service is available for purchase through mobile devices. Please see below for instructions on how to access and pay.

Public Wifi

It's simpler than ever for patients and visitors to stay connected with our low-cost, pay-for-use, Public Wifi. Using your mobile device:

•Select jbvisitor from the list of available networks

•Open your internet browser

•Read and agree to terms and use policy

•Choose time and rate

•Confirm mode of payment

•Enter access code


Rates & Payment

JBH offers four short-term and three long-term options. All options and details listed on the Public Wifi access page. 

•4 hours - $5.95

•Day - $9.95

•3 days - $18.95

•Week - $28.95

•Month - $47.95

Telephones will be billed at an additional cost.

Visiting Hours- We have flexible visiting hours at Joseph Brant Hospital which means that you are able to have visitors whenever you wish.  Please consult your Nurse with any questions, some restrictions may apply is specific situations.

Parking at a reduced rate for extended stays or frequent visitors – You need to visit the Parking office at the north entrance to make these arrange


Please feel free to contact our team members in the following ways:

Unit Extensions

7 S 100 - 905-632-3737 ext.4140

7 S 200- 905-632-3737 ext.4141

6 S 100 - 905-632-3737 ext.4402

6 S 200 – 905-632-3737 ext. 4413

Program Managers

7 S 100 and 200 -905-632-3737 ext.8438

6 S 100 and 200 - 905-632-3737 ext.5617

Program Director

905-632-3737 ext. 5773

Contact Us:

Joseph Brant Hospital
1230 North Shore Blvd.
Burlington, ON L7S 1W7


P: 905-632-3737