Patient Declaration of Values

Ontario's Excellent Care for All Act requires all hospitals to have a publicly available patient declaration of values produced after consultation with the public. The patient declaration of values will help hospitals understand what patients expect from their health care organizations when receiving care.

Joseph Brant Hospital's Patient Declaration of Values was developed with consultation and feedback from our patients and their families, our community and staff, physicians, and volunteers. This feedback played an important role in the development of the statement.

We wish to thank everyone for helping us create a Patient Declaration of Values that speaks to our hospital's CARE commitment of Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. We believe it captures what our patients value and expect from their community hospital and we are committed to continuous reviews of these values to ensure we meet the ongoing needs of all of our patients.  

Patient Declaration of Values:

As a patient, this is important to me:

Being treated with COMPASSION:

  • I am addressed with kindness, courtesy and concern;
  • I am listened to and heard;
  • I am important to my care team.

Being treated in a system of mutual ACCOUNTABILITY:

  • I receive complete, timely and accurate information about my care;
  • I receive care and services from providers who encourage me to ask questions and participate in my care;
  • I am kept informed of changes that may affect my care.

Being treated with RESPECT:

  • I am greeted by care providers who introduce themselves and call me by my name;
  • I am viewed as a whole person - mind, body and spirit and my individual choices are considered and honoured;
  • I have my dignity maintained at all times.

Being treated within a culture of EXCELLENCE:

  • I receive care and services that are based on best practices;
  • I am safe and secure during my stay;
  • I have a way to share feedback, whether positive or negative, about my personal health care experience.

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