Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits

A virtual visit is an appointment with your doctor or health care team that does not involve an in-person meeting.

Instead of coming to the hospital, you speak with your health care team using a regular telephone, smartphone or computer (for video-visits). The decision on which type of virtual visit you have is based on your care needs and access to technology.

Virtual visits minimize in-person meetings and reduce your risk of contracting infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

During your visit 

During a virtual visit, your health care team talks with you about your current health status, any symptoms you are experiencing and your needs.

If your health care team feels that an in-person visit would be a better fit for you, they will discuss your options and next steps with you.

Declining a virtual visit

You can decline or withdraw your consent for a virtual visit or communication at any time. Simply contact your health care team.  

This may lead to delays in your care.  Due to COVID-19, only urgent in-person appointments are being offered in-person at this time.

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