Joint Replacement

Thank you for choosing Joseph Brant Hospital to have your knee or hip replacement surgery.

Please take some time before your Pre-operative Planning appointment to review the following information and complete the identified forms.

If you have questions, write them down and raise them with your health care team.

Day Surgery Joint Replacement

If you are having your hip or knee replaced as a day surgery, you will be supported by our Surgical Navigator.

Knee & Hip Replacement Presentation

If you are having a hip or knee replacement, you are required to view the video below or review the slide deck of the Total Joint Replacement Class presentation prior to your pre-operative appointments.


You will need to purchase or rent some equipment before your surgery. 

Prior to your surgery, you are required to purchase:

  • Antiseptic Skin Cleanser with chlorhexidine gluconate (sponge or liquid) to be used the night before your scheduled surgery on the limb being operated on.

The following equipment is required upon discharge from hospital:

  • 2-Wheeled Walker
    See video/slideshow for instructions on how to measure for a walker
  • Cane
    if you have any steps/stairs)
  • Stationary commode or raised toilet seat with arms
    Mandatory for hip replacement
  • Long handled reacher, long handled shoe horn, sock-aid
    Mandatory for hip replacement if you want/need to be independent

Total Hip or Knee Replacement Equipment List (with suppliers).

Education & Documentation

Patient Education 


Complete, print and bring all pre-operative planning forms and documentation to your in-person appointment. 

Post Discharge Physiotherapy

Total Joint Rehabilitation Clinic

All patients are referred to our Total Joint Rehabilitation Clinic at the Joseph Brant Wellness House for individual and group based physiotherapy. 

Other Options for Physiotherapy

If you would like to complete physiotherapy at different clinic, please check to see if they support Bundled Care Patients.  A community physiotherapy funding letter is available at Joseph Brant Hospital.

Respite Care 

If you think you might need additional supports upon discharge home, you might consider Respite Care in a retirement home. There is a cost for this and you would be responsible for organizing this prior to your surgery.  Please contact each home directly for specific information regarding cost and availability.

Retirement Homes - Burlington -

Respite Care for Seniors - Burlington -

Respite Care Facilities for Adults with Disabilities - Burlington -



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