Cataract Surgery

If your ophthalmologist determines that you require cataract surgery, you may be referred to Joseph Brant Hospital.


The Howard & Betty Geiss Ophthalmology suite is located on Level 1 of the south tower.

Hours of Operation

Procedures are scheduled between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday to Friday. 


  • Read and complete the documents in the "Pre-operative Preparation for you Eye Surgery" package, provided to your by your doctor. Be sure to bring these documents with you on the day of surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day before your surgery.
  • You should take all regular oral medications with a small sip of water the morning of surgery. Diabetics patients on insulin should NOT take any Insulin the morning of surgery. Please bring your insulin with you to the hospital.

What to expect the day of Surgery

  • Arrive 2 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Check-in at the registration desk on Level 1 of the South Tower.
  • If you have selected an upgraded lens, you will need to bring the completed "Cataract Lens Agreement" form to the Cashier's Office (located on Level 1 across from the Admitting desk), to complete the payment for your lens.  
  • You will receive an armband with your name and personal health information relevant to your visit. To ensure safety and quality of care, it will be checked many times during your care.
  • After you have registered, you will wait in the waiting area of the Howard & Betty Geiss Ophthalmology suite. A nurse will call for you by name and bring you to the pre-operative area. They will review your chart, check your vital signs and complete the pre-operative checklist.

After surgery

  • Most patients are ready to go home 60 to 90 minutes after surgery is complete.
  • You will need to have a quick follow up with the doctor approximately 1 hour after surgery before you can leave the hospital.
  • You must have an adult with you when you go home. You cannot leave the hospital alone using public transit.
  • You cannot drive  for 24 hours after your surgery.


Joseph Brant Hospital is committed to safe, quality, patient-centered care. To ensure the safety of patients, visitors and staff, we have made some important changes. Please review them before coming to hospital.


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