Safe masking practices at Joseph Brant Hospital

At Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH), the health and safety of our patients, visitors, and staff is our top priority. We are committed to minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Effective May 1, we will gradually begin to phase out the universal mandatory masking requirement and transition to a "mask-friendly" facility. Here's what you need to know:

What does "mask-friendly" mean?

"Mask-friendly" means that while masks are still required in certain areas of the hospital, such as those where patients may be present, they are no longer mandatory in low-risk, non-patient care areas such as administrative offices, parking garage stairwells, and food and retail settings.

When to wear a mask

  • Wear a mask when entering the hospital and in all areas where patients may be, including waiting rooms, elevators, and hallways.
  • Masks are recommended, but not required, in low-risk, non-patient care areas such as administrative offices, parking garage stairwells, La Prep, Tim Hortons, and the cafeteria.

Screening and symptom monitoring

  • Patients and visitors must self-screen upon entry to the hospital.
  • Patients with symptoms must wear a mask at all times while in the hospital.
  • Visitors with symptoms should not come to the hospital; contact your healthcare provider for guidance.

Our commitment to safety

We are closely monitoring public health guidance and COVID-19 cases in our hospital and community. We will continue to adjust our policies and procedures as needed to protect the health and safety of everyone who comes to and works in the hospital.

We ask that you help us keep our hospital safe by following these guidelines and continuing to practice good hand hygiene and physical distancing.

Sharing your feedback

As always, your feedback is important to us. You are welcome to share your feedback with your health care team who can work with you to discuss your individual needs. If further support is required, please contact Patient Experience office. 


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