Hand Hygiene

Clean Hands

Cleaning your hands is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infection. 

Cleaning your hands with soap and water is still best if your hands are visibly soiled. When using soap and water, rub with lots of friction for 15 seconds, dry well and use a paper towel to turn off taps.

Alcohol based hand rub dispensers have been placed:

  • inside the door of patient rooms,
  • at the entrance to patient care units; and,
  • at hospital entrances/exits.

An alcohol based hand rub is an effective alternative to cleaning your hands with soap and water. 

It's Okay to Ask

Healthcare providers know to clean their hands before and after a patient interaction. But, sometimes they forget.We encourage patients and families to remind healthcare providers to clean their hands often.

Public Reporting

All Ontario hospitals provide public reports on hand hygiene compliance rates. 

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