Thank you for choosing Joseph Brant Hospital. Pregnancy is a very special time. It is our goal to ensure you have a safe and satisfying childbirth experience that respects your personal, cultural and spiritual choices.  

Advance registration

Registering in advance, is a great way to ensure your admission goes simple and smooth when it is time to have your baby. 

If you register with us during your pregnancy, you can provide us with information such as your room preference and insurance coverage so we’ll be all set up for you when you arrive in labour.

You will receive a registration package from your physician or midwife.

When to register

We encourage you to register when you are approximately 30 weeks pregnant. 

How to register

Take the registration package to the Admitting, located on Level 1 of the South Tower.

What to bring

  • Ensure you have your Ontario Health Card or proof of medical coverage
  • Bring your complete registration package with pre-anesthetic questionnaire and supplementary insurance information.
Important information about your insurance 

We encourage you to carefully review your insurance coverage. If you have supplementary insurance, we will bill them on your behalf, with the understanding that the responsibility for full payment remains with you

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