Labour & Delivery

The Labour and Delivery Unit provides care to pregnant, labouring persons and newborns. 


The Labour and Delivery Unit is located on Level 2 of the North tower.


The Labour and Delivery Unit has private rooms equipped with a bed, reclining chair, shower and birthing ball. You will labour and deliver your baby in this room.

Caesarean section

If you require a caesarean section (C-section), either planned or unplanned, you will deliver in the operating room.

What to expect

Your health care team

While in the Labour and Delivery Unit, your health care team will consist of a midwife or physician and nurse. To ensure you have a wonderful birth experience, discuss your birth plan and expectations with your health care team. 

Supportive care

Our nurses are trained in supportive care in labour, and will be in the room with you for most of your labour. They will provide information, support and clinical care.

If you are under the care of a midwife, they will provide this supportive care for you. 

Pain management

Pain management options are provided as needed.

Moving to the Maternal Child Unit

A few hours after you have delivered your baby, you and your newborn will move to the Maternal Child Unit.

Tools & Resources

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