Paediatric Unit

 The Paediatric Unit cares for newborns, children and teenagers up to 18 years of age requiring medical or surgical care. They may come through our Emergency Department, from a paediatrician’s office or through the Paediatric Rapid Assessment Clinic (PRAC). In the Paediatric Unit, we promote family-centered care.

The Paediatric Care Unit is located on Level 2 of the North tower.

The Paediatric Unit is a locked secure unit. To enter or exit, press the button on the wall. A nurse will let you in or out. Sanitize your hands upon entering the unit and frequently while visiting.

What to Expect

Each patient area is equipped with:

  • crib or bed depending on the age of the patient. 
  • a sleeper chair so a parent may sleep over at any time.

While on the Paediatric Care Unit, your child's health care team may consist of physicians, nurses, allied health care providers.

Parents are a vital member of the health care team. We request at least one parent be present at the bedside 24 hours a day. On rare occasions, they may be asked to leave the bedside while staff provides care. During this time, they may wait in the waiting room.

Your health care team will work with you to develop a care plan that meets the needs of your child.  We encourage parents to ask questions and keep track of care information using a journal. 

When needed, the hospital provides food and beverage to parents with children receiving paediatric care. Please speak with a nurse. 

When it is time to take your child home, the health care team will develop a discharge plan. The plan may include information about diet, after care, medication, follow up appointments and important phone numbers. 

Visiting the Paediatric Unit

On the Paediatric Unit, up to two individuals can be at the bedside at one time. Parents/legal guardians/Essential Care Partners (ECPs) may be present 24/7.

Siblings visiting the Paediatric Unit should be vaccinated. Non-sibling visitors are not encouraged.

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