Ocean eReferrals

Ocean eReferral Network for providers

Simple, secure and timely electronic referrals with Ocean eReferral Network.

Joseph Brant Hospital is using a new electronic referral system called Ocean eReferral Network for Diagnostic Imaging referrals. With Ocean eReferral Network, you can make real-time clinical referrals—free of charge.

Simple & Customizable eReferral Forms

Pre-populated Patient Information

Forms are pre-populated from the patient chart. This ensures providers receive the most up-to-date patient information.

Integrated Clinical Guidelines

eReferral Forms also include integrated clinical guidelines to support best practices—like when it’s clinically appropriate to request an X-ray versus MRI.

Simplified Patient Engagement

Administrative tasks are lessened. No need make follow-up phone calls. Patients can confirm appointments online and choose to receive email notifications —including referral status and appointment details.

How to Get Ocean eReferral Network

To get Ocean eReferral Network, contact the eHealth Centre of Excellence. They will provide set-up, training and on-site support —free of charge.

All costs are covered by the System Coordinated Access Program.  


eHealth Centre of Excellence
519-885-0606 ext. 1063

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