Making a Referral

Information for Referring Physicians

Joseph Brant Hospital is working to gradually and safely reintroduce scheduled surgical and outpatient clinical care for our patients.

When making a referral, please follow normal referral practices. Complete and submit a referral form or refer through Oceans eReferral Network

Resuming Care

If an appointment or procedure was cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, the patient will be notified when it has been scheduled. They do not need to contact the hospital.

Appointments will be booked based on urgency and the level of care needed, rather than first-come, first-served. This may lead to longer waits for some, but we are working to reduce wait times by ramping up our services in a safe and responsible way. We ask for your patience.

Virtual visits

We are expanding our offering of virtual health care services to ensure timely access to care without exposing patients or staff to unnecessary risk.

As we resume care, patients may be invited to participate in a virtual visit.

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