The Admitting and Patient Registration team are one of the first groups you will meet at Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH).  Their friendly and professional approach to customer service strives to ensure that you or your loved ones experience at JBH begins with our Care Commitment - Compassion.  Accountability.  Respect.  Excellence.

Patient registration is an important step in your care and plays a valuable role in the patient's journey.  At the time of registration, our staff will verify your identification and will ensure your current personal information is collected.  Your information will be checked each time you visit the hospital to ensure positive patient identification.  

The Admitting Services is located in the South Tower, Level One.

Please ensure you bring the following with you to Admitting:

  • Ontario health card
  • Proper identification, (i.e. driver's license, passport, permanent resident card)
  • JBH hospital blue card (if you have one)
  • Secondary insurance information or private insurance (if applicable)
  • Social insurance number (for work-related injury/illness through the Workplace Safety Insurance Board)
  • Emergency contact person information (name, address and telephone number).  If we are unable to contact you for any reason or if you are in an emergency situation, this person will be contacted
  • Next of kin contact information (name, address and telephone number).  If we require a substitute decision-maker regarding your care, this person will be contacted
  • Family doctor (name, address and telephone number)

Preferred Room Accommodation

Our patient registration staff will make every effort to provide you with the type of accommodation you request.

When rooms are assigned, medical needs take priority, therefore your request cannot always be filled immediately. You will be moved to the accommodation you requested when it becomes available.

It is important that patients understand the financial commitment related to an accommodation request.  If you are unsure of your insurance coverage for semi-private or private accommodation, we encourage you to contact your insurance company and/or the human resource department of your employer to confirm your coverage.

Please note: Hospitals do not have direct access to confirm coverage for insurance companies. Once this information is confirmed, please notify the Admitting Department at 905-681-4881 to update your records.  All charges to that date will remain the patient's responsibility should your insurance company reject the coverage.

Questions about Billing?

If you have questions about the hospital's billing procedures for semi-private or private rooms, call the Finance Department at 905-632-3737 ext. 4137

The types of accommodation available are:

  • Standard ward room: 4 beds in one room - Cost is covered for Ontario residents with a valid provincial health insurance (OHIP)
  • Semi-private: 2 beds in one room - The daily rate is the patient's responsibility if all or part of the cost is not covered by your own insurance.
  • Private: 1 bed in one room - The daily rate is the patient's responsibility if all or part of the cost is not covered by your own insurance.

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