Accommodation & Requests

Joseph Brant Hospital has private, semi-private and standard ward rooms. The cost varies according to room type and medical insurance coverage. 

Types of Accommodation

Private Room

Semi-Private Room

Standard Ward Room 

Preferred Accommodation Requests

The cost of a Standard Ward Room is covered for Ontario residents with valid provincial health insurance (OHIP). Semi-private and private accommodation can be requested at an additional cost. 

Making a Request

Please complete the Preferred Accommodation Request Form and submit it to the Admitting & Registration desk. 

Processing your Request

Rooms are assigned according to patient needs, not preference. If a room is not available on request, we will notify you when it becomes available. 

We will make every effort to fulfill your request, but cannot guarantee it. 


Semi-private and private accommodation can be requested at an additional cost. The daily rate is the patient's responsibility if all or part of the cost is not covered by private medical insurance.

If you have private medical insurance, please check your coverage before making the request.  We are unable to do so on your behalf. 


Preferred Accommodation
P: 905-632-3737 ext. 4891 



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