Safety, Security & Privacy

When delivering virtual health care, your safety and the security of your personal health information is our top priority. All virtual health care platforms are reviewed by our Privacy and Information Security teams—and many of those used here are employed province-wide.

Understanding the Risks

Electronic communication, including virtual visits and email, may have some risk.  Before taking part in virtual health care, it is important you understand these threats.

Intercepted or Misdirected Information

When taking part in virtual health care, there is some risk that your personal health information could be intercepted or misdirected.

Unauthorized Recording

Your virtual visit will not be recorded or kept following the appointment.  

When using Zoom Healthcare, it is possible that the live feed of your appointment may be routed outside of Canada, through the United States of America, before it is deleted.

Internet Security

Joseph Brant Hospital is not responsible for the security of patients’ internet service providers, email domains, personal devices or personal computers.

Use a secure internet connection. Do not use a public internet connection such as at the airport, internet café, public library or other open area. Other people may be able to use the link to listen in on your appointment without you knowing.

Email Consent & Safety

Your consent is required to receive email communication from Joseph Brant Hospital.

Consent is given verbally and documented in your personal health record.  Your health care team may ask you for consent to communicate using email when scheduling your virtual appointment or during the virtual appointment.

Choosing the Appropriate Email Address

We suggest that you use your personal email when communicating about your health. Do not use a work email address, as your employer may have the right to view it.


Do not send emails for urgent symptoms, questions or in an emergency. If you have an urgent medical issue, please call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest emergency department or urgent care centre.

Feedback & Surveys

Your feedback is important to us. Following your care, you may receive a request for feedback using a survey. Surveys help us improve the quality of our care.

Wherever possible, we will notify you of this in-person during your appointment or treatment. If you receive a survey without earlier notice, please call us to verify authenticity taking part.

Protecting your Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We protect your privacy during virtual visits the same way we do during an in-person visit. This means:

  • Only the people providing care to you will be present during your appointment –unless you are part of a group care sessions, in which case other members      of the group session will also be present.
  • Our discussion during the visit will be documented in your health record, just      like an in-person appointment would be.

When taking part in a virtual visit, we suggest that you take similar steps to protect your own privacy. This means being aware of your surroundings and who may be able to overhear your virtual visit.

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