Bedside Checks & Reports

Joseph Brant Hospital performs safety checks and bedside reports at shift change. These brief check-ins focus on your main concerns and immediate needs. Your daily care plan is also reviewed during bedside report.


At the change of shift your nursing team will come to your bedside to:

  • introduce themselves,
  • ask permission to discuss your health; and,
  • plan your daily care.

Your nurses may need to wake you up if you are sleeping, unless you tell them otherwise.

Enhanced Safety

When nurses report to each other at your bedside, you are part of the exchange. The information shared keeps you informed about your care and provides the opportunity to ask questions.

During this time nurses also complete safety checks of your room, equipment and environment to make sure the area is safe for you.


We value your input in your health care plan. If you are not comfortable with the report at your bedside or only want some information to be shared in the presence of others, please inform your nursing team. We respect your choice.

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