Mobility is the Best Medicine 

Every Move Counts!

At JBH our healthcare providers want to help you get better as quickly as possible. Moving your body is part of the prescription for the best health possible. Many patients and family members think that the only way to heal if someone is sick or has had surgery is to lie down and rest. While rest is important, mobility can play an even bigger part in making you well.


Move early and often poster

Our healthcare providers try to enable our patients to be mobile based on these simple rules:

Ready :  Your health care team will help assess how you should start moving

Set:        We will help you set goals like sitting up or walking

Go:         Mobility for Discharge – Keeping you mobile means you can go home sooner!

Mobility is an integral part of keeping healthy for everyone. Starting from the day you are admitted, your health care team will work with you on your individual mobility improvement plan.


For more information about how mobility can improve your health and help you heal watch the following:

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