General Safety

At Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH), safety is included in every aspect of care. 

Exit Signs

As part of the Redevelopment & Expansion Project, we're updating signage hospital-wide. The traditional "Exit" sign is being phased out. Emergency exits will be marked by green signage showing a silhouette in motion. The new sign follows international standards adopted by the Ontario government. 

Identification Badges

Staff, volunteers and physicians are required to wear photo identification. If you are unable to see photo identification on the provider, please ask.  If you have concerns about the identity of a staff member, please contact Security.  

In Case of Emergency

Notify any staff member of your concerns immediately, including:

  • changes in health status,
  • fire or smoke,
  • noxious odours; and,
  • violent or threatening behaviours. 

Remain calm, return to your assigned room (this allows staff to account to your location and status), and await further directions.

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