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Pocket Health™ for patients 

Get instant, diagnostic-quality access to your imaging records with Pocket Health™. 

Pocket Health™ is a better way to instantly receive and share sensitive medical imaging information —anywhere in the world. 

Instead of you picking up a CD, Pocket Health receives records from your hospital digitally, organizes them in a secure account and stores them for $5.

How Pocket Health Helps

  • No more CDs
    Save a trip back to you imaging center and avoid dealing with cumbersome CDs by storing all of your imaging securely in one location. 
  • Better care
    Better access to records mean better health outcomes. Ensure you receive the best possible care with resources that empower you to take control of your health. 
  • Save time
    Avoid unnecessary tests and radiation that can occur when your doctor does not have your prior imaging studies available to view. 

How to Get Pocket Health 

Register online at

$5 for Permanent Storage

For every transfer of records, you are asked to pay a $5 fee. A transfer includes your entire available imaging history from your hospital/clinic.

Future exams would be considered a new transfer — at an additional cost of $5.  

Sustainable Pricing

If you are unable to pay due to personal means, please call in and we’ll waive your fee — no questions asked. Learn More

Pocket Health™ Support

Phone: 1-855-381-8522 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Contact Us:

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1230 North Shore Blvd.
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