Pocket Health for Providers

Pocket Health™ for providers 

Simple, secure and timely access to patient imaging records for physicians with Pocket Health™. 

Joseph Brant Hospital is using a new image sharing system called PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing. With Pocket Health™ we can share imaging records more rapidly with physicians—free of charge.

Requesting and viewing imaging records

The process for requesting images is still the same. Medical facilities, physiotherapy and chiropractic offices are asked to fax requests to 905-336-4148

We no longer provide diagnostic images on CDs. Instead, we will provide a document called an Access Page.

Access Page

The Access Page  will contain instructions on how to view and import the images through a secure web address (URL). It can be provided to the patient or faxed directly to your office.

Viewing and importing images

Once you have received the Access Page, viewing and importing images is simple. Just enter the secure web address (URL) and follow the prompts. Then view or import the included imaging in full diagnostic quality.

You do not need to download software, set up an account or password. 

For more information please visit pocket.health/JBH

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