Joseph Brant Hospital Annual Report 2022-2023

2022-2023 Annual Report to the Community

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A message from Randy Smallbone, Chair, JBH Board of Directors

As we navigate the transition of the COVID-19 pandemic into an endemic state, JBH is shifting its focus towards the future and laying the groundwork for a transformative period of organizational growth. Over the past year, the Board of Directors has provided invaluable leadership and strategic guidance in the development of three key hospital-wide initiatives: a new three-year Strategic Plan, a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Strategy and a Digital Health Strategy. These initiatives, along with others, will serve as the foundation for the work ahead, ensuring that JBH can continue to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care to our community in the years to come.

I am delighted to share that the Board of Directors has endorsed the expansion of our Mental Health and Addiction Services and Labour and Delivery Units. These vital departments play a crucial role in meeting the healthcare needs of our community and we extend our gratitude to the JBH leaders who are working diligently to shape the future vision of these units and enhance the essential services they provide.

Joseph Brant Hospital is a tremendous asset to our community, thanks to the unwavering dedication and commitment of our exceptional staff, physicians, learners, and volunteers. Their hard work and compassion continue to make a positive difference in the lives of patients, their families and their essential care partners.

As I reflect on my combined 15 years of service on both the Hospital's and the Foundation's Board of Directors, I am immensely proud of what we have achieved together. Our collective efforts have positioned JBH for continued success and I have full confidence in our ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Thank you to each and every individual who has contributed to our accomplishments and supported our mission. Together, we will shape a brighter future for our hospital and the community we serve.


A message from Eric Vandewall, JBH President and CEO

Joseph Brant Hospital’s (JBH) Annual Report is a testament to the commitment of the organization in providing exceptional care and support to the Burlington and area communities. The report highlights the achievements and milestones of the past year in which JBH focused on enhancing programs and services, implementing advanced technologies and fostering a compassionate and person-centred environment.

As we reflect on our accomplishments of the past year, we also look forward, committed to the providing outstanding healthcare and exceeding patient expectations. JBH is dedicated to incorporating innovative and digital solutions to enhance patient care. Collaboration with partners and the sharing of ideas will be instrumental in applying strategic solutions in this work. The details of the new 2023-2026 Strategic Plan will be shared in the coming weeks, marking an exciting time at Joseph Brant Hospital as we embark on the next steps of our transformative journey. JBH will continue to listen to patient needs, invest in advancements, and tirelessly work towards delivering exceptional care that patients expect.

On behalf of Joseph Brant Hospital, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to our outgoing Chair of the Board of Directors, Randy Smallbone. Randy has made an immense and positive impact on the organization throughout his 15 years of service as a Board Member at the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation and as a member of the Hospital Board. His dedication, leadership and commitment to advancing our mission have been invaluable. Randy's contributions have played a significant role in shaping the direction and success of JBH and I am sincerely grateful for his service.

I would also like to extend my deepest thanks to our exceptional staff, physicians and volunteers. Their tireless efforts, compassion and dedication to providing exemplary person-centred care are the driving force behind our hospital’s success. This past year’s challenges and transformations have been met with resilience, kindness and determination. Each member of our healthcare team contributes to the well-being and comfort of our patients and their commitment to excellence is truly commendable.

I would like to express our appreciation and thanks to our community for your ongoing support of our hospital and the JBH Foundation. Your trust, engagement and partnership have been instrumental in our ability to deliver exceptional healthcare services and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in the Burlington and area communities. We are grateful for the strong connection we have with our community and look forward to continuing to serve and meet your healthcare needs with excellence and compassion.

Thank you once again to Randy Smallbone, our outgoing Chair, and to all our staff, physicians, volunteers, and community members for your continuous support and dedication. Together, we will continue to build a healthier future for Joseph Brant Hospital and Burlington and area communities.


Headshot of Deborah Brown from the shoulders up smiling at camera.

Dr. David Charland


Headshot of Ted McMeekin smiling at camera from the shoulders up wearing a black blazer, red vest and tie.

Dr. Salina Juma


Headshot of Ted McMeekin smiling at camera from the shoulders up wearing a black blazer, red vest and tie.

Mr. Randy Smallbone

We wish to thank Dr. David Charland, outgoing President of the Professional Staff Association for his service on the Board since 2019.



We also wish to thank Dr. Salina Juma, outgoing Vice President of the Professional Staff Association for her service on the Board since 2019. 


We wish to thank Mr. Randy Smallbone who is retiring after a combined 15 years of service on both the Hospital's and the Foundation's Board of Directors.

relentlessly pursue excellence in quality and patient safety

Reducing emergency department wait times

   Patient Family Advisory Council

JBH made significant progress in reducing Emergency Department (ED) wait times over the past year while caring for 52,772 community members who visited our ED. By finding efficiencies in our processes, building community partnerships and collaborating with hospital services that support the Emergency Department, it has resulted in an improved experience and faster and more efficient care for our patients.

An important focus has been on making the discharge process smoother and safer for patients returning to their community. We've worked closely with our partners in Home and Community care, as well as our nurses and physicians, to find alternative care options and streamline the discharge process. This has helped us improve the flow of patients while ensuring high-quality care without long waits and allows our Emergency Department to focus on urgent patient care needs.

We also made changes to our nursing model to better meet the needs of our community. By adjusting the schedules of our nurses to match busy times when we often see more patients, we make sure we have enough staff to provide timely care and minimize wait times. To ensure doctors are always available when needed, we've implemented flexible schedules and made sure we have an extra doctor on standby during times when we have a lot of patients. Additionally, we introduced a new Nurse Mentor role to provide hands-on support and learning opportunities for our team. With these changes, we have been able to see more patients, faster and provide high-quality care even when we're very busy.

Significant improvements were made in our Diagnostic Imaging department to quicken the time it takes to process patient imaging and reports. By streamlining our procedures and using new technology, we're able to provide patients with faster access to important diagnostic information, leading to quicker diagnoses and better treatment plans.

The collective efforts to reduce wait times in our Emergency Department are driven by our commitment to continuously strive for excellence - a testament to this commitment is JBH's ED is ranked 5th best, in terms of performance, in the province of Ontario. We remain dedicated to finding innovative solutions, fostering collaborations and optimizing our services to ensure that our patients receive timely and high-quality care, resulting in improved health outcomes and a more positive overall experience.



This year, JBH successfully concluded a three-year journey towards implementing the JBH Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). This significant milestone solidifies our hospital’s unwavering commitment to patient and family engagement, ensuring that their voices play a vital role in shaping person-centred care.

The PFAC comprises Patient Family Advisors who volunteer their time to partner with our teams to provide valuable recommendations. Their input is instrumental in ensuring that the perspectives of patients, families, and caregivers are taken into account and integrated into our service and quality improvement initiatives. By actively involving patients and their families, our teams can better understand their unique experiences and identify opportunities for improvement.

The Patient Family Advisors, equipped with first-hand knowledge about issues that may impact patient and family experiences, guide us on how to effectively address the needs and priorities. Their insights and expertise inform our decision-making processes for new and refreshed initiatives, ultimately enhancing the quality of care and services provided at JBH.

“The most rewarding part of being a PFAC member is helping hospital staff understand service initiatives, ideas and topics from a different point of view. We are able to shape new and current initiatives being brought forward to make the patient and family journey easier to navigate,” shares Susan Dykstra, PFAC Co-Chair. “We have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of current and future patients and families."

Over the past year, JBH successfully implemented 30 design and improvement initiatives all influenced by the valuable input of the Patient and Family Advisors such as the Visitation Policy, new Inpatient Food Services Vendor Selection, Accessibility at JBH, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Inpatient Handbook development. This ongoing collaboration between the Advisors and JBH’s dedicated staff is crucial in ensuring that we consistently deliver the best possible experience for patients, family members and caregivers.

We recognize the importance of patient and family engagement in driving positive change and fostering a person-centred approach to care and are immensely grateful for the active participation of our Patient Family Advisors, whose contributions continue to shape the future of healthcare delivery at JBH.



Day surgery optimization for hip and knee surgeries

This year, JBH made strides in improving patient access to operating rooms, while delivering individualized care for each patient who needs surgery. This work was done by the Surgical Services team who completed a comprehensive review and optimization of the care journey for patients undergoing hip or knee replacements.

By actively engaging with patients and understanding their unique needs and goals, collaborating across departments and care teams to streamline processes and strengthen community resources, a new care journey was developed for these patients. As a result of these efforts, approximately 35 percent of hip and knee joint replacements are now performed as day surgeries, allowing patients to return home on the same day as their surgical procedure. This achievement is a testament to the individualized person-centred care we provide.

Prior to surgery, patients undergo a thorough pre-operative assessment conducted by a specialized team of healthcare professionals, including nursing, anesthesia and internal medicine staff. This comprehensive assessment ensures a holistic understanding of each patient's medical history and requirements, enabling the delivery of personalized care.

On the day of surgery, patients benefit from the expertise of the dedicated multi-disciplinary team. This team provides care, education and post-surgery planning, empowering patients to actively participate in their recovery process. Depending on the specific medical needs of each patient, once the surgery is complete and the patient is discharged, rehabilitation care may be provided at JBH's Wellness House Total Joint Rehab Clinic or through community physiotherapists, ensuring comprehensive support for optimal recovery.

Feedback from patients who have experienced this improved care journey has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their gratitude for the support they received throughout the process:

"With the Healthcare system being taxed as it currently is, to be honest, we may not have had the highest expectations of his hospital experience. Well, not only were our expectations exceeded, we were both overwhelmed by the amazing care he was given from the moment we walked into the hospital to the moment we left the hospital."

Our hospital is steadfast in its dedication to providing exceptional care and ensuring a seamless hospital experience. We are committed to continuously enhancing our services based on valuable patient feedback. By fostering collaboration, innovation and patient-centric approaches, JBH aims to exceed patient expectations and deliver the highest standard of healthcare.  


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inspire and empower a culture of caring


Investing in our people

This year, JBH has undertaken two significant initiatives to prioritize the well-being of its staff and physicians, with far-reaching benefits for the organization and the overall health of the community.

New Well-Being Program & Committee

JBH introduced a more formalized and comprehensive approach to well-being and established a Well-Being Committee, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to shaping a post-pandemic health and well-being program for JBH staff, physicians, volunteers and learners.

Last fall, Employee Health Services in collaboration with the JBH Well-Being Committee conducted a hospital-wide survey to gain insights from our diverse workforce. This survey data, along with forming a part of our corporate well-being baseline assessment, has provided crucial data to inform the development of the 2023-2026 Well-Being Framework and Strategic Plan, currently in its final stages of development. The committee, consisting of staff, physicians and volunteer members, meets monthly and reports directly to Senior Leaders, ensuring a holistic approach to promoting well-being, including psychological health and safety, within the organization.

Ongoing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Journey: Development of New Strategy

JBH continues to advance its journey toward becoming a more inclusive, safe and respectful environment for all who visit, work and receive care within the hospital. 

In November 2022, we partnered with an independent third party to perform a JBH Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) review. This initiative aimed to gain a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of our staff, physicians and volunteers, with the results and recommendations to help advance the development of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy which is being formulated in the 2023-2024 year.

This strategic approach will ensure that JBH fosters a fair and equitable environment where every individual is valued, respected and provided with equal opportunities to thrive.

We are committed to prioritizing the well-being of our team members and creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion that supports everyone. By implementing these initiatives, JBH aims to foster a positive and supportive work environment that ultimately enhances the quality of care provided to our patients and community.

JBH expresses gratitude to its dedicated staff, physicians, volunteers and learners for their contributions to these initiatives and their commitment to shared values of well-being and inclusivity.


Hiring the next generation of health care practitioners

The recruitment and retention of Health Human Resources have remained a significant priority for JBH over the past year. Recognizing the importance of ensuring its patients receive outstanding care, we have taken proactive, creative and strategic measures to attract and hire the next generation of healthcare practitioners.

To connect with talented individuals who share our passion for compassionate patient care, JBH developed an inspiring and engaging Careers that Change Lives campaign to showcase our modern, state-of-the-art, lakeside hospital and welcoming community. Employee ambassadors have shared their stories of connection to JBH, the picturesque environment and the opportunities to advance their careers. The campaign has been impactful as a sourcing and recruitment strategy for attracting new employees in clinical and corporate roles.

An onsite career fair was held this year, providing a platform for aspiring healthcare professionals to learn more about the opportunities available within our organization. Additionally, JBH has actively participated in virtual college and university fairs, allowing the hospital to engage with potential nursing staff and showcase the benefits of working at our state-of-the-art, lakeside hospital. These efforts have focused on developing and enhancing our talent pipeline to ensure a continuous supply of skilled and dedicated healthcare practitioners for years to come.

In our commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment, JBH has implemented a new Employee Referral Incentive Program. This program encourages current employees to refer qualified candidates, recognizing their valuable role in identifying individuals who align with our organizational values and standards of care.

We also leveraged various initiatives offered by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, such as the Supervised Practice Education Program and the Community Commitment Program for Nurses. These initiatives have facilitated the integration of new graduates into our healthcare teams, providing them with valuable training and support as they begin their professional careers.

Recruitment and retention efforts remain a strategic priority for JBH, understanding that attracting and retaining top-tier healthcare practitioners is crucial to maintaining the exceptional care JBH provides to our patients. By implementing these initiatives, JBH is ensuring that the organization remains well-equipped with a skilled and compassionate workforce, dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care.



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Collaborate to deliver an outstanding care experience

Healthcare partnerships, collaboration, and connections play a vital role in delivering the best care and overall well-being for patients. Joseph Brant Hospital has been an active member of the Burlington Ontario Health Team (BOHT) since it was established in 2019. The BOHT unites over 35 local health and social care organizations through a collaborative decision-making structure to enhance integrated healthcare services for the residents of Burlington and surrounding areas.

Over the past year, the leadership of Joseph Brant Hospital has actively contributed to the progressive work of the BOHT, focusing on governance evolution, as well as the development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated programs and services for the community we serve. Through these collaborative efforts, we have developed a strong foundation to deliver integrated, seamless care to our broader community.

The BOHT has implemented and tested new models of system navigation and care to support patients, families and caregivers through their healthcare journey. Success has been achieved in collaboratively developing pro-active supports and services that serve priority populations in their homes and community before they require hospital services.

Through successful partnerships, the BOHT have supported older adults, people living with social determinants of health, mental health & addictions, chronic disease, and discharged patients returning to their homes.

By embracing digital health, as well as re-designing how we work together, the BOHT partners have proven through these initiatives we are ready to take the next step and become a fully integrated system of care. By being part of the BOHT and working together, JBH is making a difference in our local health care system.


JBH’s commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in several advancements in integrating technology into our programs and services, enhancing the technology experiences of both our patients and healthcare providers.

This year, JBH prioritized the protection of patients' personal health information and privacy. Through continuous cybersecurity updates, we have ensured that patient data remains secure and confidential, understanding the importance of maintaining the highest standards of privacy to provide our patients with peace of mind.

In JBH’s pursuit of seamless care delivery, this year the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) was implemented. This integration ensures that everyone involved in patient care, both internally and externally, has access to the most up-to-date information. Informed decisions and seamless transitions in patient care are now facilitated more effectively.

To enhance the quality of care provided by JBH clinicians, new technologies were introduced this year, such as MobiLab and Epic Oncology, in collaboration with our Regional Cancer Care partner, Hamilton Health Sciences. These cutting-edge systems empower our healthcare providers, by improving access to patient information, streamlining workflows and enhancing communication. By leveraging these advanced tools, JBH can deliver the highest standard of care tailored to patient specific needs and reduce patient wait times.

JBH’s dedication to optimizing workflows and patient flow within the hospital has led to collaborative efforts in enhancing technologies with our clinical teams. By modifying the hospital’s digital systems, there have been increased efficiencies in critical areas such as Rehab Orders and Discharge Planner Reports. These modifications ensure that the patient experience at JBH is as smooth and efficient as possible, minimizing wait times and maximizing the quality of care patients receive.

These technological updates, in addition to many others, have laid the foundation for JBH to embark on the implementation of our new Digital Health Strategy. This strategy, approved by the JBH Board of Directors, reflects our commitment to embracing the possibilities that digital advancements offer to hospitals.

JBH is committed to providing the community with exceptional care and an enhanced patient experience, integrating technology to optimize patient well-being, protect privacy and ensure a seamless healthcare journey.

Increasing Mental Health Support for our Community


Increasing access to care and services for people of all ages who need mental health support in our communities is a top priority for JBH. 

The JBH Mental Health & Addictions program has experienced a significant increase in referrals from our community. We know that the need for urgent and comprehensive long-term mental health and addition services close to home is critical. We have submitted plans to the Ministry of Health for the expansion and redevelopment of the Mental Health &Addictions Program for inpatient and outpatient care, and we are currently awaiting the provincial  government’s approval and funding for this important project for Burlington and area.  

Our community’s need for this project is proven and long overdue. We have the support of the JBH Patient and Family Advisory Council, the Halton Leadership Group, local governments in Halton Region, local school boards, Ontario Health (West and Central Regions), Halton Children’s Aid Society and Halton Regional Police Service, and other community groups. We look forward to sharing more information with our community about this project and our efforts in the year ahead.

To meet this increased need for Mental Health & Addictions programs and services this year, our teams have responded by working together to streamline processes, increase and leverage the use of technology and implement innovative approaches to ensure we can continue to provide timely person-centred high-quality care, which includes significantly increasing the number of virtual groups offered to our communities.

To improve the experience of patients receiving care within the hospital, JBH has transformed a courtyard outside its Mental Health and Addictions Unit into a healing garden. The project was a collaborative effort by the hospital’s clinical and redevelopment teams, and JBH’s Mental Health and Addictions Patient Family Advisory Council (MHA PFAC). The new healing garden create an environment that promotes wellness and provides patients with an opportunity to engage in goal-oriented activities, and provides increased opportunity for recreational therapy and peer support. Last summer patients grew tomatoes, zucchinis, radishes, chard, marigolds, kale, chives and cabbages. The space also features a gazebo with seating for relaxation and socializing, a calming water feature and benches, as well as plants that are indigenous to the area.

“Having the garden available to our patient population allows us to tap into this set of interests in a meaningful way. In the process of empowering the population we serve; the garden provides an opportunity for a sense of autonomy among our clients pertaining the space they occupy.”

Working in collaboration, the leadership teams from Mental Health & Addiction and the Emergency Department Programs developed and implemented an enhanced Psychiatric Emergency Services Model of Care. Launched in February 2023, JBH now has trained Mental Health & Addiction nurses staffing the Psychiatric Emergency Services Unit 24/7 who partner in a shared care model with our Emergency Department team.

In support of perinatal mental health, JBH created a women’s mental health clinic with a team-based approach to ensure timely access and necessary resources being dispatched where needed, including connection with our community partner agencies.

Joseph Brant Hospital remains committed to working together with patients, families and essential care partners, our community health care partners, and government partners to ensure timely and excellent person-centred care is available in our community. 


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FinancesJBH Financials for the 2022-2023 fiscal year


JBH Fast Facts


                Statistics about JBH employees, inpatients and procedures.Thank you for supporting healthcare close to home.

Thanks to the incredible generosity and dedication of our community, Joseph Brant Hospital has grown into a world-class facility, offering an exceptional healthcare experience. As we look to a future when we can build bigger and better facilities, acquire new technology, and continue to save lives, we know we can’t do it without you. The JBH Foundation is happy to share these stories about how the support of the community is having a positive impact every day.

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