Infection Prevention & Control


Last updated February 12, 2020


What do patients and families need to know?

Joseph Brant Hospital is closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation. We are receiving frequent updates from Public Health

What screening measures are in place? 

Routine Infection and Prevention practices at Joseph Brant Hospital are designed to protect patients, visitors and staff as per Public Health and Ministry of Health guidelines. The measures due to COVID-19 are beyond those during the cold and flu season.

Patients arriving to the hospital's Emergency Department will be asked: 

  • About their symptoms, particularly respiratory symptoms
  • Whether they have traveled to an affected area
  • If they have come into contact with someone who has or is suspected of having COVID-19
  • If patients are determined to be at risk of COVID-19, they will be assessed in one of our isolation rooms until a diagnosis can be confirmed.

Screening measures may increase wait times in our already busy Emergency Department. 

Visitors, if you feel ill or have symptoms of a respiratory illness, please avoid coming to the hospital until you feel better.

Where can I get more information? 

If you are feeling unwell and have questions about screening for COVID-19, please call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 or in the Region of Halton, dial 311. 

For more information on the status of the virus and risk to Canadians, please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada, Public Health in Halton or Ontario Ministry of Health websites. 

Infection Prevention & Control

Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH) is committed to providing a safe environment for patients, families, visitors and staff. 

To help prevent the spread of infections we ask that you refer to the Guidelines and Tips for Patients and Visitors below.

Guidelines to Prevent the Spread of Infection

  • Clean your hands:
    • upon arrival at the hospital,
    • before visiting a patient; and,
    • after visiting a patient.
  • Do not visit the hospital if:
    • you are feeling unwell; or, 
    • you have unexplained gastrointestinal problems (upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea).
  • Limit visitors to two per patient. 

Infection Prevention Tips for Patients and Visitors

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs), are germs that patients get while receiving medical care. These tips can help prevent getting and spreading them.

Clean Your Hands

Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer when:

  • entering or exiting a patient room

  • before and after eating

  • after using the washroom

Keep Patient Rooms Clean

Allow housekeeping space to clean and disinfect patient rooms and washrooms.

  • Limit personal belongings.

  • Do not clutter.

  • Dispose of waste.

  • Leave the room during cleaning.

Take Precaution with Food and Drink

Packaging and contents can spread infection.

Use the Appropriate Washroom

In-room washrooms are for patient use only. Visitors please use public washrooms.

Watch for Precaution Signs

Follow posted instructions. Put on personal protective equipment (PPE) when directed and se a Personal Belonging Bag to store personal items. 

Ask Questions

Check-in at the Nursing Station, or ask an available member of our team for help
understanding tips and signage.

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