If you need to borrow a wheelchair while visiting the hospital you can do so at:

  • Main Hospital – Available in the Emergency Department and Main Entrance
  • Brant Centre – Available upon request
  • Wellness House – Available upon request

Joseph Brant Hospital is always working towards the most barrier free environment possible for our patients, visitors, staff and volunteers. Our buildings are wheelchair accessible in the following ways:

Accessible Entrances

All main entrances in the Main Hospital, Brant Centre and Wellness House are accessible at ground level, without curbing and are equipped with automatic or sliding doors.


Designated spots for handicapped parking are available at each of our buildings:

  • Main Hospital - Spaces are available at front and rear parking lot
  • Brant Centre – Spaces are available near all entrances of the building
  • Wellness House – Multiple spaces are available closest to the main entrance of the building

Accessible Washrooms

  • Main HospitalAll patient/visitor washrooms on the main level of the hospital are accessible.
  • Brant Centre –All public washrooms are accessible
  • Wellness House – All client washrooms are accessible

Easy Access Doors

  • Main Hospital – Most internal doors have leaver handles. External door at front and rear ramp entrances are automatic, the rear ramp is not suitable for wheelchair access due to slope
  • Brant Centre – Main entrance has an automatic door
  • Wellness House – Internal and external doors are automatic


Each building has elevators in order to access the different levels.


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