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The Gift Shop

The Gift Shop at Joseph Brant Hospital has everything you need to pamper yourself, or a loved one.  A variety of lotions from Brompton & Langley for the ladies, and Earth Luxe for the gentlemen. 

We have eye masks, eye shades, cooling towels, reader glasses, phone cords and accessories.  Keep yourself protected with a fashionable face mask.  Forgot your toiletry bag?  No problem, we carry all your personal care items.

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Moms Time Out 

Lampeberger Moms Time Out

View a selection of  Lampeberger and Thentix products. As a Lampeberger owner you have a great tool to keep yourself and your loved ones free of germs.

These lamps were invented in 1898 in Europe to clean the air of bacteria and germs due to an outbreak very similar to what is going on right now with us.

They have been fully confirmed in October of  2008 by the largest institute in the world (the Pasteur Institute) that they do purify the air of 68% bacteria, germs and moulds.

They clean the air of ANY odour.

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Being a salon and spa, our goal was to be different.  We wanted to specialize in unique products that made a difference for our clients, and ourselves.  We are located in Canada, in Mississauga, and our website is

We carry a variety of products that we absolutely love, we hold high standards for our clients, and we want them to know the difference of them.  

This is why we had chosen Eminence as the only skin care line that we wanted to sell to our clients.  We believe in it, and this is why we love sharing our knowledge, and this amazing product with others.

The results are worth believing in and we have seen it for ourselves.  Now we are curious as to your feedback and love for the product.

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Bottle of hand lotion by Sea Vital  


All of our cosmetics are based on minerals from the Dead Sea and further enriched with herbal extracts and vitamins. The cosmetic line includes 38 items covering a complete range of face, body and hair care products. The advantages of Sea Vital™ products are derived from the unique combination of Dead Sea salts and mud and the most advanced liposome technologies. 

Natural  and Organics Anti aging face creams, serums, cleansers and masks for different types of skin; Shampoo and Mineral Conditioner for all types of hair; Body scrub, Hand cream ,Foot Cream and ctr. Family line. No perfumes or artificial dyes.

Use coupon code 50HOLLYD for 50% off plus free shipping!

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