JBH Philosophy of Care

Family-Centred Care:

We believe in Family-Centred Care and as such will work with you to provide the birthing experience that you choose. We invite you to share the plans you have for your birth and postpartum stay with your nurses on the Birthing and Postpartum units.

In order to help with this, we suggest you complete the Tell Us About You information folder you received with your pre-admission package. On admission to the Birthing Unit, your nurse will go over this information with you when your nursing history is being completed.

Kangaroo Mother Care:

We also believe in Kangaroo Mother Care. With your consent, we will make every effort to place your baby skin-to-skin with you as soon after birth as possible. We know that skin-to-skin contact with your new baby helps to stabilize the baby's temperature and blood sugar. There is also evidence to support that this practice will help you to bond with your baby, help to establish your milk supply and may help to prevent postpartum depression. 

Feeding Your Baby

We offer an award-winning Breastfeeding Clinic, staffed by a certified lactation consultant. The clinic is open Tuesday – Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. If you wish to see a lactation consultant during your stay, just let your nurse know.

A Baby-friendly Hospital:

Baby-friendly is a designation supported by the World Health Organization and Unicef. A Baby-friendly hospital supports and believes in breastfeeding, but we also believe in supporting a family's informed choice for infant feeding. JBH is continuing to work on our Baby Friendly initiatives.


When a baby is born, numbered identification bracelets are placed on the baby, mom and partner in the Birthing Suite. We make every effort to keep mother and baby together at all times. If your baby requires any tests or procedures, the test should be done right in your room or you may accompany your baby for any test.

Level 2B Nursery

If your baby requires care in our Level 2B Nursery (for babies who need additional specialized care such as if he or she is premature, requires IV’s, respiratory support etc.), parents are encouraged to spend as much time with their baby as possible. We have other security measures in place on the unit that the nursing team will tell you about on admission.

Getting Ready to go Home

Length of stay following your delivery is individualized however the average length of stay is 24 hours (vaginal birth), and 48-72 hours (Caesarean section).If you choose to go home earlier, we will work with you to accommodate your early discharge. If you go home before the baby is 24 hours of age, you will need to bring the baby back to the hospital for any blood tests your baby requires.

 After 24 hours of age, your baby will have two blood tests done (with your consent): 

1) A newborn screening test: This test is done to check for several metabolic and genetic disorders and is then sent out to a government laboratory. Your baby's doctor will receive the results in two to three weeks. 

2) Bilirubin level test: This test determines the baby’s risk of developing jaundice (a yellowing of the skin). We need to wait for the results of this test to come back from our laboratory (usually about 1 hour). We then graph the bilirubin level to assess your baby's risk and to arrange any further follow-up if necessary.

In Ontario, all babies have their hearing checked prior to discharge from hospital (again with your consent). The results of the hearing screening and any possible follow-up will be discussed with you prior to discharge.

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