National Physician Assistant Day - Spotlight - Ohood

Posted on Saturday November 27, 2021

November 27 is National Physician Assistant Day which recognizes the physician assistant profession and its contributions to health care.

Today we are featuring Ohood, a Physician Assistant (PA) working in the Operating Room and Fracture Clinic at Joseph Brant Hospital.

“I have personally felt accepted and appreciated here as a member of the diverse team of healthcare professionals.”

Ohood has been with Joseph Brant Hospital as a PA since 2018. Her daily tasks include diagnosing and treating fractures, assessing joint pain and musculoskeletal injuries, prescribing therapy and medications, assisting in the operating room and providing pre and post-operative patient care.

“I work in collaboration with an interprofessional team that includes orthopaedic surgeons, nursing colleagues, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, administrative staff and many other professionals who play an important role in providing comprehensive care to patients.”

Ohood was inspired to become a PA after she was drawn to the unique nature of the profession. PAs are able to practice medicine with the guidance, support and mentorship of a medical doctor.

“What appealed to me most in this role was the ability to get to know my patients and become a patient advocate while supporting the orthopaedic practice and contributing to efficiency, enhanced quality of care and improved access to services.”

The Fracture Clinic, one of the departments where Ohood works, provides care to patients with orthopaedic injuries— injuries relating to the bones and joints as result of an accident or trauma to the body.

“Working at a high-volume area like the fracture clinic, I often encounter patients from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, ages & abilities. I have learned that the best standard of care is not to standardize my care but rather to customize and adapt to meet the unique needs of my patients.”

We asked Ohood if there was a defining moment that made her truly appreciate her role and working at JBH.

“When I first started in the operating room at JBH, I reached out to the OR managers to let them know that I wear a hijab and would require some accommodation to ensure I can observe my religious attire while adhering to sterility/ infection control practices. They were very receptive and demonstrated inclusive practice by providing me with disposable surgical hoods to don over my hijab. This experience early on in my journey with JBH paved the way for many more wonderful experiences and a positive relationship with the organization.”

Thank you Ohood for your dedication to our patients and to the JBH community!

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