A Thank You to Healthcare Workers in this Pandemic

Posted on Wednesday May 12, 2021

Thank you for every morning that you get up and head to the hospital to face the uncertainty of the day when you would rather stay home where it is safer.

Thank you for carefully layering on PPE and putting on your mask and shield yet again, knowing it will be a long time till you can even get a drink of water, let alone breathe freely.

Thank you for walking through the door of your unit, not knowing what you will find but ready to take on whatever your patients will need.

Thank you for mustering up a cheery hello as you greet your coworkers who are leaving weary from the last shift or needing a bit of courage to start a new one.

Thank you for listening carefully to the reports about your patients’ status so that you can use your expertise to give them the best care that you can.  

Thank you for greeting your patients with kindness and seeing them as real people under all those tubes and equipment that are keeping them going. 

Thank you for remembering they have family and friends, and a life beyond their ID number.

Thank you for maintaining enough objectivity to not let the emotion of that thought overwhelm you.

Thank you for trying so hard to decipher what they need to be comfortable when they can’t tell you.

Thank you for being patient when they are demanding, and persistent when they struggle to accept what is in their best interests for care.

Thank you for being kind, or at least quiet, when family members are unreasonable, begging you to do more than you can or blaming you for not doing enough.

Thank you for going back into the room again and again when you really don’t want to face what is there.

Thank you for eating your cold lunch alone or outside because you can’t share space with your colleagues.

Thank you for gulping coffee that is too hot because you need to put your mask back on again.

Thank you for showing grace to the colleague who was rude, because you know it is not their true character.

Thank you for staying the extra few minutes at the end of your shift because you debriefed with a co-worker whose day seems even harder than yours and is now going home to young kids.

Thank you for carefully removing your PPE as you leave, but with a little anxiety that somehow you might still be carrying the virus with you anyway.

Thank you for digging deep to breathe and shift focus as you go home to the rest of your life which still needs to be attended to regardless of your fatigue.

Thank you for caring for family and friends, and for helping them keep perspective as they worry about you or perhaps have unreasonable expectations of you.

Thank you for keeping your cool when you hear others downplay the impact of COVID or talk of conspiracy theories, when you really just want to choke them. Thank you for choosing powerful words to educate them rather than nasty words to humiliate them.

Thank you for going to bed and working to release all that happened during that day so that you can go back again tomorrow…and the next day….and the next….  to keep doing what you do best to care for all the people who need you so desperately right now.

For all these things and so much more, I know I speak for many when I say 

THANK YOU from the bottom of all our hearts!!

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