Celebrating Oncology Nurses Month

Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2023

During Oncology Nurses Month we celebrate and highlight the important work of our Oncology Nurses in providing compassionate, quality care to our patients. Below we highlight the work of Barb, who has been an integral part of our Oncology Clinic for over 35 years.

With floor to ceiling windows and sweeping views of Lake Ontario, Joseph Brant Hospital’s Cancer Clinic was designed to not only meet the diverse needs of our patients and their families, but to also provide them with a picturesque and therapeutic view to enjoy while receiving treatment.

As part of the HNHBB Regional Cancer Program, the clinic works in partnership with the Juravinski Cancer Centre to ensure that patients can receive high-quality care close to home. This program helps patients and their families from having to travel outside of their community for treatment.

Within the clinic is a dedicated oncology team working to serve patients every step of their journey, from their initial consultation to diagnosis and treatment, with guidance and consultation at each stage. This team collaborates with physicians, diagnostic imaging and laboratory staff to help ensure timely access to care for all oncology patients.

For over 35 years, Barb has worked in the clinic, providing patients with quality, patient-centred care. As an oncology nurse, she completed specialized education, preparation and training to administer chemotherapy to patients. Due to the ongoing advancements in chemotherapy and cancer treatments, she has had countless opportunities for continued learning.

“The changes I’ve seen in treatments for cancer patients is astounding! There are so many different modalities now; even after all this time, I’m still learning.”

In addition to her duties as a nurse, to help patients feel special, she works with other clinic staff to organize celebrations at the celebration bell –oncology patients ring the bell to mark their milestone of completing treatment.


“I love everything about the clinic; each member of our staff, including our volunteers, makes it such a special place.”


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