Scorecard Definitions

To help you better understand the Strategic Indicator Summary, we’ve defined some of the categories below:

 90th Percentile ED LOS for Admitted Patients: Measures the 90th percentile wait time (or Length of Stay) in hours from triage to left emergency room (ER) for all admitted ER patients.

HSMR: Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio. Number of observed in-hospital deaths given number of expected in-hospital deaths. Note new methodology in 2012/2013 with 2009/2010 as the base year (previously 2004/2005) – all previous quarters have been updated. This indicator is standardized to reflect the current mortality experience in Canada.

Hand Hygiene Compliance before Patient Contact: Number of times hand hygiene performed before initial patient contact given number of initial patient contact encounters.

Overall Quality of Care and Services Received Emergency Room – Internal: Number of “Excellent, Very Good and Good” responses to patient satisfaction question “Overall, how would you rate the care and services you received in the Emergency Room?” given all surveys completed.

Hospital - Total Margin: Percent by which total corporate (consolidated) revenues exceed or fall short of total corporate (consolidated) expense, excluding the impact of facility amortization, in a given year.

Sick Time – Days by Employee: Average paid days lost per employee. Calculated by dividing total sick hours over the eligible sick full-time equivalents divided by 7.5 hours per day.

Injuries on Duty Frequency: The injury on duty frequency rate is calculated by multiplying the number of Lost Time Injuries by 200,000 and dividing the product by the number of hours worked.

Percentage of Acute ALC Days: Percentage of inpatient days where a physician (or designated other) has indicated that a patient occupying an acute care hospital bed has finished the acute care phase of his/her treatment. Calculated as the total number of inpatient days designated as alternate level of care, divided by the total number of inpatient days.


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