Our New Hospital Update

Posted on Thursday June 23, 2016
Construction of our new bridge connecting our parking facility to the new tower will be complete by June 28, 2016.

A tour of our future Emergency Department (ED) with Trish Hamilton is like touring her future home. As Operational Readiness Coordinator for our ED program, Trish couldn’t be more excited about the new design features and technologies that will improve the care we deliver our patients when our biggest department opens in the fall of 2017. 

In our latest video, watch as Trish takes you through our ED, which is currently under construction, to share 5 Things You Need to Know About our New Emergency Department. Here is the list:

1. Patients will receive care faster in the new ED with the help of a new Paired Triage Registration Model. Currently, a patient moves from triage to registration when arriving at the ED. In the new ED, triage and registration will be combined at one station so that a patient is medically assessed and registered at one time.

2. There will be 35 private exam rooms. Each room has a bright, modern space with essential services within easy reach including technology in the head wall above the bed for medical gases; electronic charting stations inside the rooms; and supply alcoves directly outside the rooms that will store linens and cleaning supplies.

3. There will be 3 private trauma resuscitation rooms and an isolation trauma room featuring glass doors that have the ability to switch from transparent for patient monitoring, to opaque for instant privacy.

4. There will be a dedicated Psychiatry Emergency Services zone with security, 3 observation rooms, an exam room and a quiet room for families. This area will enhance privacy and dignity for patients who are experiencing a crisis.

5. Our Emergency Department will be easily accessible and easy to find, located on the main level beside our new main entrance on Lakeshore Road.   

Patient Tower Construction Update

  • Construction began on June 21 for the pedestrian bridge connecting Level 2 of the parking facility to Level 1 of the new tower. Work will be complete by June 28.
  • The second crane tower was disassembled at the beginning of June. Building materials and equipment are now transported either using the man and material hoist on the side of the tower or a mobile crane.
  • The building envelope continues to go up on Levels 5, 6 and 7. Soon, all windows will be installed. By the end of June, the penthouse (Levels 8 and 9) will be enclosed with drywall, insulation and panels; roof work on the top of the building (Level 10) will be complete; and the building will be weather-tight. Following this, electrical and mechanical work will begin on the inside. Roof work continues on multiple levels of the new tower and will be complete by early fall.
  • At the end of June all major equipment will be hooked up and testing will begin. Power for the building will be turned on in late September.
  • Installation of drywall is progressing from the Main Level to Level 7 and soon, ceilings will go up. On Levels 8 and 9 piping and duct work continues. A staircase will be installed in our future lobby by late summer. The staircase will stretch from the Main Level to Level 1.
  • Landscaping has started in our future labyrinth (outside of Engineering beside Lakeshore Rd.) and in July, landscaping work will begin in our future healing garden (where the current courtyard is).

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