Volunteers do it with heart – Joseph Brant Hospital celebrates National Volunteers Week, April 23 - 29

Posted on Monday April 24, 2017
Volunteers do it with heart
Volunteers do it with heart. Joseph Brant Hospital celebrates National Volunteer Week, April 23-29, 2017.

April 24, 2017, Burlington, ON: Volunteers are a mainstay for Joseph Brant Hospital. The diverse group provides support that enriches and complements the care and services offered in hospital, through partnerships with staff. Graciously giving of their time to tend to and comfort patients and families.

“We have a truly extraordinary group of volunteers here at Joseph Brant Hospital” claims Mary Lou Tinmouth, Director of Auxiliary and Volunteer Services, “and they’re not hard to spot. Our signature turquoise tee’s and vests are everywhere. Volunteers service nearly 40 areas of the hospital. Guiding patients and families, assisting at the bedside and running our retail gift shop and fundraising events throughout the year”.

In 2016, Joseph Brant Hospital drew on the support of over 600 volunteers, amassing nearly 75,000 hours. Nearly two-thirds of those hours went to supporting hospital operations, the rest to fundraising for the hospital’s Redevelopment and Expansion Project.   

The need for volunteers is growing along with the hospital. On August 21, the hospital will open the doors to the new seven-storey patient tower; adding another 172 acute inpatient beds, 9 new Operating Rooms and several expanded clinics.

“The patient and family experience are paramount. It is important that we have even more volunteers greeting, guiding, and assisting, to make your visit with us seamless” says Tinmouth.

“Our biggest need will be when the hospital is the busiest, which is weekdays.  Most volunteers come in once a week for a 3-4 hour period. Some start as early as 7a.m., to keep the bulk of their day free for personal time. We value their time and generous contributions, and do our best to be flexible.”

Volunteer eligibility is not guaranteed. Volunteers are carefully screened and selected. In addition to an interview and reference check, volunteer applicants have to pass a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) and two-step Tuberculosis (TB) test.

“Screening is really important. We want to keep everyone safe: patients, families, staff, volunteers and even the applicant themselves.  Volunteering can be energizing and rewarding; but, it can also be challenging. In a hospital, you encounter a diversity of people and situations. We invest a lot into our volunteers to ensure they are equipped to manage it all” says Tinmouth.

April 23-29 is Volunteers Appreciation Week.   Recognition and celebration activities are planned hospital-wide. In addition to the advertisements, photographs, cards, and gifts, volunteers can expect to receive personal thanks from the patients, peers, and staff they support. It’s no wonder 98% would recommend volunteering at Joseph Brant Hospital.

Information about volunteering at Joseph Brant Hospital can be found on their website www.josephbranthospital.ca.

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