Chemotherapy IV tubing issue

Posted on Tuesday August 21, 2018
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You may have seen recent media reports describing how some Ontario patients may not have received their entire prescribed dose of chemotherapy. This is because a portion of their dose remained within the intravenous tubing used to administer it.

Background is provided in more detail by Cancer Care Ontario at

Chemotherapy treatment procedures at Joseph Brant Hospital use what is referred to as a “secondary line”. Using this procedure, 100% of the intended drug dose is administered. As a result, no patients treated at Joseph Brant Hospital received a lower than intended dose of their chemotherapy.     

If patients or family members raise concerns about their chemotherapy dosage related to this issue, please reassure them that they were not affected. If they have further questions about their care, please encourage them to contact Tracy Fazzari, Manager Oncology and Ambulatory Care at extension 1476.Thank you for your support in sharing this information with patients, families, and our community.

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