Joseph Brant

Joseph Brant Hospital was erected on land owned by it's namesake, Thyandenegea (Joseph Brant). 

Joseph Brant was an early inhabitant of Burlington. He was a member of the nearby Grand River tribe of the Mohawk nation. He was also, a prominent political figure in the early history of Thayendanegea region.

Joseph Brant rose to prominence as a result of his familial upbringing, education, abilities and ties to the British. At the end of a lengthy military and political career, he was rewarded 3,450 acres at the 'head-of-the-lake' (Burlington Bay). Land the hospital now stands on. 

Visit the Joseph Brant Museum for more details.  


Please be advised that Joseph Brant Hospital does not request or accept compensation of any kind from individuals applying to work at our Hospital. If you are contacted or receive an offer of employment that is suspicious in nature please report it to the Human Resources department immediately for further investigation.




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