Wearing a Mask

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone at the hospital safe, all patients, essential care providers, and visitors are expected to wear a hospital-issued, medical grade mask while in the hospital.

Wearing a mask protect others around you by limiting the spread of the droplets that you release when you are coughing, sneezing, and speaking. You are also protected by reducing the chance of breathing in droplets from others who are within 2 metres of you. Wearing a hospital-issued mask helps to protect you, your loved ones and others. 

Medical-grade masks

When you enter the hospital, you will meet with screening staff where you will be given a hospital-issued, 3-layer medical grade mask to wear while in the hospital.

A medical grade mask is very important to protect patients in our hospital who have risk factors that could lead to more severe consequences of COVID-19.

Please note that cloth masks and/or personal face coverings are not permitted. Double-masking is not required or recommended when wearing a hospital-issued mask.

Please clean your hands with hand sanitizer at the screening stations before and after putting your mask on. Wear your mask at all times during your time in the hospital.  


Any exceptions must be prearranged in advance of your visit. Please contact the unit where you are visiting prior to your arrival to discuss your situation.

Contact the hospital at 905-632-3737 to connect with the appropriate unit.

If you have concerns that cannot be addressed by the unit, please call the hospital and dial ext. 4949 to speak to Patient Relations. 

Anyone who refuses to properly wear a hospital-issued mask will not be permitted entry to the hospital and/or will be asked to leave the hospital premises.

Please note that admitted patients are exempt from wearing a mask while inside their hospital room. If a patient needs to leave their room for any reason (e.g. mobility), wearing a mask is required. 

Commitment to safety

While our hospital remains a safe place, we want to ensure the highest level of safety possible for everyone.

We appreciate your cooperation in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our hospital and community. By wearing a hospital-issued, medical grade mask, you are protecting yourself, your family and others in our hospital community.

Sharing your feedback

As always, your feedback is important to us. You are welcome to share your feedback with your health care team who can work with you to discuss your individual needs. If further support is required, please contact Patient Experience office. 

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