Medical Device Reprocessing

Our Medical Device Reprocessing Department (M.D.R.D.) works around the clock to clean, sterilize, inspect and distribute surgical equipment and instruments hospital wide.

Our department is the first in Canada to go live with the STERRAD Velocity Biological System.  

This innovative product:

  • Ensures there is no delay in getting biological results
  • Eliminates the risk of infection
  • Improves quality of patient care

Joseph Brant Hospital provides exemplary reprocessing services available to the community. Our specialized staff are experts in the area of instrumentation and operating room equipment. 

Our Facility:
Our Medical Device Reprocessing facility features state-of-the-art washer/disinfectors, sterilizers and other specialized equipment to provide quality results for our patients.  Our qualified staff keeps on top of leading practices and new products to advance our services.  

Our Facility:

  • Follows C.S.A., O.R.N.A.C. and P.I.D.A.C. quality assurance standards
  • Achieved Accreditation with Exemplary Standing
  • Maintains the integrity of instrumentation and equipment
  • Is easily accessible from the Queen Elizabeth Highway and 403

For inquiries about reprocessing your private clinic medical devices, please email Kim Hunt, our M.D.R.D. Supervisor.  


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