Stroke Prevention

Individuals who have experienced a possible stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA, also commonly referred to as a warning stroke) require prompt attention in order to ensure that the diagnosis is confirmed and proper investigation and treatment is initiated in a timely fashion.       

JBN Medical has established an out-patient Stroke Prevention Clinic to serve our local residents. JBN Medical (JBN) is a clinic comprised of specialist physicians, nurses, technicians and support staff that specialize in vascular health, stroke prevention, investigation and treatment. JBN has access to all of the resources available at Joseph Brant Hospital and, when necessary, help from tertiary care centers like Hamilton Health Sciences will be requested.

For more information the JBN Medical Stroke Prevention Clinic please visit Thrombosis Place.

Stroke Prevention Clinic Referral Forms

These forms need to be completed by a physician:

JBN Medical Stroke Prevention Clinic Referral Form

Hamilton Stroke Prevention Clinic Referral Form

For more information on stroke and TIA:

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

Thrombosis Place

Stroke Recovery Canada


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