Cell Phone & Internet

Cell Phone Use

Cellular phones and wireless devices may be used in the hospital lobby, cafeterias, business and non-clinical support offices. These devices must be turned off when entering inpatient care areas. Users are requested to be a distance of at least one metre from any medical device.

Public Wifi

It's simpler than ever for patients and visitors to stay connected with our low-cost, pay-for-use, Public Wifi. Using your mobile device:

  • Select jbvisitor from the list of available networks 
  • Open your internet browser
  • Read and agree to terms and use policy
  • Choose time and rate 
  • Confirm mode of payment
  • Enter access code
  • Login  

Rates & Payment

JBH offers four short-term and three long-term options. All options and details listed on the Public Wifi access page.  

  • 4 hours - $5.95
  • Day - $9.95
  • 3 days - $18.95
  • Week - $28.95
  • Month - $47.95


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