Physiotherapy Assistant Day - Gordana

Posted on Thursday May 05, 2022

Physiotherapy Assistant Day celebrates the work of our physiotherapy assistants and all the work they do in enhancing physiotherapy care for our patients.

Today we are introducing Gordana, a Physiotherapy Assistant who has a personal reason for pursuing this career. Read her story below.

Seeing the positive impact and personal touch that healthcare workers had on her sister who, due to illness, spent a lot of time in a hospital growing up, is what inspired Gordana to pursue a career in healthcare.

“I wanted a career where I could do the same for others.”

She began working in the Total Joint Rehabilitation Clinic in July 2018. This clinic is run out of the Wellness House and provides rehabilitative care to those who have undergone joint replacement surgery. If the join replacement surgery occurred at Joseph Brant Hospital, patients are automatically referred to the clinic.

In her role as a Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA), she works directly with patients who have had a total knee replacement by running exercise classes helping to educate and build patients’ confidence so that they can return to the activities that they enjoy.

“We work on range of motion and strengthening exercises to help our clients reach their functional goals. Having a joint replacement is a life changing experience and it is an honour to help someone through their journey.”

Like others, Gordana was redeployed throughout the pandemic and spent the majority of her time in different units throughout the hospital.

“During my redeployment I realized that it really doesn’t matter where you are working, what matters is that you are there to help people get better and support the team.”

When the clinic opened back up, she saw first hand the positive effect this had on their patients.

“More than ever, our patients have been so grateful to have our clinic open for their rehabilitation. People became more isolated than ever as a result of the pandemic and having a clinic like ours allows them a safe and positive place to get the therapy they need.”

We asked her what her favourite part of being a PTA is.

“I love working with people and seeing the transformation in our patients over the course of their rehabilitation. It’s amazing to witness the strength of the human spirit.”

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