Physiotherapy Assistant Day - Elizabeth

Posted on Thursday May 05, 2022
Elizabeth PTA

Physiotherapy Assistant Day celebrates the work of our physiotherapy assistants and all the work they do in enhancing physiotherapy care for our patients.

Today we are introducing Elizabeth, a Physiotherapy Assistant who has a personal reason for pursuing this career. Read her story below.

It was her experience watching her grandmothers receive different therapies after both suffering strokes that inspired Elizabeth to become a Physiotherapist Assistant (PTA).

“It was the positive impact that their therapy teams made on my grandmothers that sparked my interest and desire to do this as a career.”

Elizabeth began working at Joseph Brant Hospital in 2019 in the Total Joint Rehabilitation Clinic and at the Wellness House Adult Day Program. The Wellness House empowers clients to maximize and maintain abilities, compensate for limitations, reduce risks to health and maintain quality of life. Here she helps patients after they receive hip and knee replacements, keeps the clinic organized, and creates any handouts that the supervising Physiotherapist needs.

“I am Burlington born and raised, so being able to work so close to home and for the people in the community that raised me is just the best!”

Like others, Elizabeth was redeployed throughout the pandemic and spent the majority of her time in different units throughout the hospital. We asked her what she learned about herself during this time.

 “If being redeployed has taught me anything it’s been to just run with the wind and lean on the people around you. We can’t control what stage of the pandemic we are in or how that changes what work looks like, but no matter what there are people who need our expertise and we can be that kind, knowledgeable, helpful person who makes their not so ideal situation a little bit better!”

In her role as a PTA, she is fortunate enough to witness many positive patient moments, especially over the last two years as many patients became isolated because of the pandemic.

“We have had so many patients tell us how thankful they are for us and how grateful they are to still receive in person medical care during this time.”

We asked her what her favourite part about being a PTA was.

“I love being able to see people progress and watch them meet their goals. Sometimes that requires some adjusting and creativity, but getting to be someone’s cheerleader is just the best!”

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