Joseph Brant Hospital COVID-19 Outbreak on 2 Inpatient Units

Posted on Saturday April 11, 2020

Health care workers and patients on 3 North 700 and 6 North at Joseph Brant Hospital have tested positive for COVID-19. We are taking this situation very seriously. All appropriate precautions were immediately taken to ensure the safety of our patients, our staff, and our physicians.

We are working closely with Halton Public Health and have declared an outbreak of COVID-19 on 3 North 700 and 6 North. We continue to test and monitor staff, physicians and patients on the units and to date, the number of positive tests we are currently aware of is 2 healthcare workers and 3 patients. 

We are working closely with Halton Public Health and are monitoring all patients, staff and physicians who had direct contact with those infected with COVID-19. All patients on the units, along with staff and physicians who were exposed, have been contacted and tested. The affected health care workers are currently in isolation at home and have not come into the hospital since they developed the symptoms. Patients on the units are now in quarantine and are instructed to continue the 14 day self-quarantine when discharged from hospital. 

We have taken a number of immediate safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our patients, staff and physicians. This includes closing the units to any new admissions, enhanced cleaning on the unit, and increased education on the use of personal protective equipment, washing of hands and physical distancing.

We are committed to providing safe, quality care for our patients and our Burlington community during this unprecedented time.

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