Patient Experience Week

Posted on Friday April 22, 2022

Patient Experience Week is an opportunity to renew our longstanding commitment to patient-centred care, and recognize the excellent work our Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH) teams have done in actively engaging our patients and their families to achieve the best possible experience. Better patient experiences can provide better healthcare outcomes and this week, we salute the people who provide excellent patient experiences at JBH!

Read below to see how we are all part of the patient experience at JBH!


"As a member of the Biomed team each day I repair and maintain the hospital's medical equipment to ensure that it is functional so that the Physicians, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, and Aenesthesia staff have the equipment they need to provide appropriate and timely patient care. Additionally when interacting patients during our repair/maintenance duties we ensure that we are kind, professional, and have a sympathetic bedside manner. "

-Brendon, Biomedical Technician II & Laser Safety Officer


"We are grateful for our human and canine volunteers from St. John Ambulance who make our therapy dog program possible! Therapy dogs help to improve our patients' experiences at our hospital. For some, engaging with the dogs helps to reduce anxiety and stress, for others it provides a sense of companionship and reduces feelings of isolation."

-Therapy Dog Program


 "It’s the little things that we do every day that make a difference, a warm blanket for a patient, a friendly conversation while working and helping to organize a patients space to make them feel as comfortable as possible. All contribute to a great patient experience at JBH."

- Jacques, Housekeeping


""I like to greet every patient and their family member with a warm welcome. In this job we have the opportunity to ensure every patient is met with kindness and excellence contributing to a positive experience for them."

-April, Porter


""I ensure that our patients have a great experience at our hospital by making them laugh whenever I can!"

- Ramona, Registered Nurse


"Each day I work as part of a multidisciplinary team, with each member contributing in their own unique way, such that the patient’s care is ultimately shaped by the combined knowledge, skills, and experience of many skilled and dedicated health care providers.”

- Dr. Lysecki


"Getting to know each patient as an individual improves patient experience. Learning about their work, hobbies, loved ones, and values allows us to meaningfully connect, and provides an opportunity to honour personhood in our care. As a Recreation Therapist, I love completing Get to Know Me forms with patients as this information allows me to facilitate activities that are relevant and significant to each person."

- Kiersten, Recreation Therapist





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