Procurement FAQs


Vendor FAQs

Q. Where is the purchasing department located?

A. The Purchasing/Materials Management office is located in Room B122 of the hospital at 1230 North Shore Blvd, Burlington, Ontario, L7S 1W7.

Q. Where is the shipping/receiving area?

A. The Shipping/Receiving docks are located at the rear of the hospital, accessible from the Service Entrance off of Lakeshore Road.

Q .What are the shipping/receiving/office hours of operation?

A. Mon-Fri 0800-1630 hours (except Statutory Holidays).

Q. How do I introduce new products or services?

A. Vendors that wish to introduce new products and/or services are asked to please contact the JBH Purchasing department at (905) 632-3737 ext 4127 prior to soliciting business elsewhere in the Hospital.

Q. If I complete an installation at JBH am I responsible for removal of packaging?

A. Yes, vendors completing installations are responsible for removal and disposal of packaging.

Q. As a Third Party Vendor, do I need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to complete work at JBH?

A. Yes, JBH expects all third party vendors which includes vendors, service providers, contractors/sub-contractors, community partners and representatives to vaccinated. The vendor will be expected to attest to the fully vaccinated status of those assigned to JBH. 



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