Co-designing our JBH Culture


Joseph Brant Hospital is beginning the journey of co-designing our culture in support of our Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

Share your thoughts about what our culture is and what it should be.

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What is Culture?

At its essence, an Organization’s culture:

  • Is learned – as we define and demonstrate our values and expected/accepted behaviours both to each other and our stakeholders
  • Is reinforced - as new employees are acculturated to the “way we do things”
  • Is sustained – as it becomes deeply rooted as the beacon by which we guide ourselves when things are going well and during times of change; with little or no organizational memory as to ‘why’ we do it that way.

Why are we doing this?

The goal of purposefully co-designing our JBH culture and behaviours was identified as a key enabler to achieving our Strategic Plan 2017-2020.

What are we doing?

Phase 1 of our project will see us taking a broad-based and inclusive approach by inviting employees, patients and families, and our community to participate in ‘Conversations about Culture’. 

What this means for you:

  • Opportunities to share aspects of our current culture you want to preserve and evolve
  • Consistency in what can be expected from their experience of JBH
  • Clarity about what we are committed to and expect to be held accountable for

How will we do it?

The first step of the project has already begun and we will continue to hear from staff, our patients/families, and our community members over the summer months. Below is a project summary:

Key Milestone

What to expect

Target Date

Discovering stakeholder input

  • Employee survey
  • ‘Questions of the week’ at department huddles
  • Patient/Family focus groups
  • Community survey

Summer 2019

Analysis of key themes

Update on what we have found from our stakeholder groups and engagements regarding how this resonates overall

Late Summer 2019

Identifying priority initiatives

Established priority areas of focus based on identified themes.

Fall 2019

Culture Roadmap

An articulated vision of what we will do to achieve our defined culture.

Winter 2020

We look forward to keeping you apprised along the way.

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