Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

***As of August 21, 2017 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is located in the South Tower room 4S100 & 4S200. See our maps to Find Your Way.

Who we are

The Intensive Care Unit at Joseph Brant Hospital consists of nurses, respiratory therapists, physicians, dietitians, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech language pathologists, a spiritual care coordinator, housekeeping staff, unit clerks, volunteers, a manager, and a professional practice educator/Critical Care Response Team (CCRT) coordinator.

  • We provide care based on the latest guidelines and best practices.
  • Staff work in a collaborative, interprofessional environment to provide the highest level of care to the sickest of patients.
  • Daily patient rounds are held at 8:30 a.m. to discuss each patient's plan and goals for the day.
  • Our ICU nurses are highly skilled professionals and maintain certifications in Adult Critical Care and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  • The Critical Care Response Team is a nurse led outreach team that is made up of ICU nurses and respiratory therapists specially trained in emergency assessment and response.  They respond to all admitted adult patients and provide emergency assessment and care when patients are very ill.

What we do

The Joseph Brant Hospital ICU is a Level 3 Community ICU, meaning that we care for and meet the complex needs of critically ill patients. The ICU specially trained staff specializes in the care of patient populations that includes both medical and surgical patients.

The ICU team helps patients in the following ways:

  • In partnership with Halton Healthcare we provide acute dialysis to our ICU patients.
  • The Critical Care Response Team (CCRT) provides rapid response to patients on the inpatient units who are deteriorating (becoming sicker)
  • Patients who need machines to help them breathe (ventilators) are cared for using the best methods based on guidelines from experts .
  • Patients who need special IV lines also receive care that lowers their chance for infection

Special visiting procedures for ICU

Each patient and family situation is unique , this is why visiting hours in the ICU are set to meet the needs of the patient. We will make every effort to be flexible around visits, however the nurse may ask you to wait in the waiting room, when your loved one is receiving care.  We may ask that only one or two people visit at a time.

The waiting room is located just outside the ICU . Please check with a volunteer who will be happy to help you enter the unit. If there is no volunteer, please dial "17" at the phone outside the door and give your name and the name of the person you are visiting.

We know waiting can be frustrating and will do our best to shorten delays. Please remember: our first priority is the patient.

Hand Hygiene and the ICU

Cleaning your hands is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infection. At JBH, you will notice an alcohol based hand rub dispenser inside the door of patient rooms, at the entrance to patient care units, and at hospital entrances/exits.

Contact Us

The Intensive Care Unit is located at 4S100 & 4S200. Level 4, South Tower, 100 & 200 wings.

ICU Main Desk 905-632-3737 ext. 4121


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