Joseph Brant Hospital has received the IBCLCE (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners) care award, which is internationally recognized. JBH supports and believes in breastfeeding and we also believe in supporting a family's informed choice for infant feeding. JBH is continuing to work on our Baby-Friendly initiatives, a designation supported by the World Health Organization and Unicef, and offers a breastfeeding clinic for families with newborns where we provide education and support.


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Health Nexus Resources includes "Breastfeeding Matters" and "Breastfeeding for the Health and Future of Our Nation" which you can download or print.

World Health Organization (WHO) - Breastfeeding information

Infant Feeding Action Coalition

La Leche League Canada

Public Health Agency of Canada - Division of Childhood & Adolescence

Motherisk   (The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto)

Baby Friendly Initiative Ontario

10 Valuable Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

Close to Me - Breasfeeding in Canada (Unicef Blog)





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