Cable, internet and telephone

Public Wifi

It's simpler than ever for patients and visitors to stay connected with our new low-cost, pay-for-use, Public Wifi. Using your mobile device:

  • Select jbvisitor from the list of available networks 
  • Open your internet browser
  • Read and agree to terms and use policy
  • Choose time and rate 
  • Confirm mode of payment
  • Enter access code
  • Login  

Rates & Payment

JBH offers four short-term and three long-term options. All options and details listed on the Public Wifi access page.  

  • 4 hours - $5.95
  • Day - $9.95
  • 3 days - $18.95
  • Week - $28.95
  • Month - $47.95


Television services are provided by Hospitality Network, with daily, weekly or monthly rates available. 

For information on renting a television during your stay:

  • Turn the television on in the patient room and follow the directions
  • For patients on the 4th Floor, please leave a message at 905-632-3737 ext. 5710 with your name, room number and telephone extension or fill out a rental order form and leave it in the locked TV rental box on your unit.
  • A representative will visit on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays to arrange your service

Please note: TV rental service is non-refundable/transferable to another patient.

There are also televisions available in many of the waiting areas.


Outside telephone service is provided to most rooms in the hospital. The telephone at your bedside is for use to dial extensions in the hospital and to make outside calls as well.

To get an outside line on your telephone:

  • Dial "8" and wait for another dial tone.
  • Long distance calls must be billed to your calling card or made collect.
  • Dial "0" for the hospital's switchboard operator who will connect you with the long distance operator.
  • Incoming calls are not permitted between 10:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m.

There is a $15.00 telephone charge for all stays more than 24 hours (excluding stays in Mental Health, Intensive Care or the Emergency Department). The charge will be reapplied after each 30-day period. Questions or concerns regarding your phone bill? Call the Finance Department at 905-336-4137.

Pay telephones are located throughout the hospital, and in the Emergency Department waiting area.

Cellular phones and wireless devices may be used in the:

  • Hospital lobby
  • Cafeteria
  • Business offices
  • Non-clinical support offices

Please note:

  • These devices must be turned off when entering inpatient care areas.
  • Users are requested to be a distance of at least one metre from any medical device.
  • All calls to patient rooms must go through Switchboard.

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